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Daimler DE 27 (Dorris)

Our Daimler DE27 is of only 9 identical cars ever produced she is the epitome of a bygone era which had elegance class and style. In her day this model was favoured by the Royal family and Winston Churchill and featured in the first wedding scene of the Movie “Four weddings and a Funeral”.  Her interior is as large as a small room, and benefits from sumptuous seats in West of England cloth and deep pile carpets.

In 1947 she cost £2,040.00 you could have bought a decent house for less at the time. She has great presence at 18 feet long and over 6 feet tall
with sweeping lines from her beautiful hand made body. She can seat up to six passengers in comfort.
Dorris turns heads everywhere she goes and would make a great addition to your special day.