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Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Three

Our 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Three, officially she is a touring limousine and when new, she was a special order car which is really quite rare
as variants of this model go.

She is slightly longer than the standard Silver Cloud and that extra length truly benefits the interior, with excellent dress room, and longer rear doors
to help to achieve an elegant entry and exit from the car. This also means she has longer windows, which allows you to see and be seen more easily, a great asset for your photographer to create some memorable pictures.

This is a rare version of one of the most iconic Rolls Royce ever produced, one of 140 ever made, with less than 30 still in the UK. With sumptuous leather
and an expanse of the most glorious walnut, the driver can be partitioned off at the flick of a switch as she also has an electric glass divider and surprisingly,
for a car of this age, she had been given factory fitted air conditioning from new.

This is a truly spectacular car both inside and out, captivating the attention of all who see her.  True Luxury.