The most memorable journey!

A little about us

Wedding Cars of Herts is a family owned Wedding Car hire company established in 2008. In that time we have built a reputation for on service and reliability, making us the preferred suppliers to many of the Counties venues both great and small . We have worked at most of the Churches, Registry Offices and venues in Hertfordshire and beyond, including north London, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

Since we started this business, Wedding Cars of Herts have grown to a point whereby we Chauffeur hundreds of people each year.  we are continually striving to improve our service standards. and are constantly reviewing our performance, in order to give every couple who choose us, the best chauffeured classic car experience possible.

Some of our services 

We offer Red Carpet and Prosecco service as standard, and choice of ribbon colour at no extra charge. If you would prefer any other type of drink we are happy to supply your prefered choice.

Our fully trained professional and courteous Chauffeurs are always dressed appropriately, and will open doors for you, and assist you or your wedding party if required, they will work with your photographer to make sure you get the best pictures possible, they will also carry bags and even calm your nerves. and of course transport you safely comfortably and in great style.

Each car has a sat-nav, so no chances are taken with locations and directions. Every driver has a mobile phone and has all relevant contact details on it.

Blankets are provided in the winter, and umbrellas year round. In hotter weather, bottled water. and tissues are always available.

We always arrive 40 minutes to an hour prior to the Bride’s planned departure time and also journey times between locations as well,

so you can rest assured that we will get you to the Church on time.

(or ever so slightly late if that is what you desire)

How we manage the unexpected

We spend a lot of time preparing against the things that can go wrong.

The following outlines our policy with regards to mechanical failure or breakdown or any other reason..

Winter Weather or floods

Winter can bring some unexpected weather.

Deep Snow is hazardous for all traffic on the roads, creating slippery and dangerous conditions. If on the day of your wedding the areas that we will be traveling to and from are affected by heavy snow, or if it snows before your wedding but the conditions are going to continue on to the date of your wedding, we may, in the interests of safety either send an alternative vehicle that is more suited to the conditions or cancel our attendance. as a guide we would suggest that if the latter is the case it is highly likely that there will not be very much other traffic on the roads anyway, which could also affect your guests and potentially other wedding suppliers that you may of appointed.

In the event of a cancellation made by “Wedding Cars if Herts” due to heavy snow, excessively icey conditions, flood or any other reason that in our opinion may make our attendance either unsafe or likely to cause damage to our cars, you will receive a full refund.

Mechanical failure.

All of our cars are maintained to a high standard and receive regular mechanical assessments. However In the unlikely event of mechanical failure, your driver will immediately contact our office, and subject to time and distance to your location, we will dispatch another wedding car to you immediately.

If the replacement car is of a lesser hire value than the original hired vehicle, we will refund the difference to you, If the replacement vehicle is of a greater hire value no refund will be offered to you. all offers are at the discretion of Wedding Cars of Herts. cost comparisons from other wedding car providers will not be accepted.

We carry rapid tyre inflator canisters, so no changing wheels at the roadside, just inflate and go. We keep extra fuel in cans in the boot as well.

There are not many wedding car providers that can offer this kind of assurance, and this is something we are very proud of.

Your wedding is as important to us, as it is to you!


Deposits are non refundable, Wedding cars of Herts may at their own discretion make a refund in certain circumstances.


If you cancel your booking with Wedding Cars of Herts within one month of the date of your booked wedding, the full amount will become payable and due.

If you cancel your booking with Wedding Cars of Herts between 2 months and the final month leading to the date of your booked wedding fifty percent of the outstanding balance will become payable and due.

If you cancel your booking with Wedding Cars of Herts at any other time from the date of your booking up to 2 months before the wedding date your deposit will be retained.

Wedding Cars of Herts at their own discretion retain the right to either wave or enforce the aforementioned cancelation policy.